Tshobo a unique bicycle back support - a new feeling in cycling - more ergonomics and efficiency

You love cycling and know the situation that you want to exert more force on the pedals when accelerating or going uphill. These can causes especially on longer rides back pains pain or numbness in your hands during longer rides. Tshobo was tested and recommended in advance by many different cyclists and sports physicians in extensive tests regarding performance potential and function. The product is a German-Austrian development of B&T Innotec GmbH and consists of very high-quality materials – special attention was paid to sustainability.

Take a look at the worldwide unique back support Tshobo!

Questions and answers

Question What is Tshobo?

B&T Innotec has developed with Tshobo a unique bicycle back support, which allows the cyclist the posture and thus a better back ergonomics, as well as significantly improves the effect of power transmission to the pedals.

In addition, you can attach to the Tshobo at any time on the pre-mounted M5 screws a water bottle holder.

Question What are the advantages of Tshobo?

The back support Tshobo supports the body and thus ensures a better posture.

Tshobo also centers your sitting position and significantly prevents or reduces slipping back and forth on the saddle.

Due to the rolling support pad elements, you experience an additional "massage" in the lumbar vertebra - respectively the fasciae in this area.

A large part of the traction force previously required is now taken over by the Tshobo back support as a counter-bearing and massively reduces the use of arms and hands.

Scientific and sports medicine studies have proven that in the intensity range you can peak up to 15% more power on the pedals than without Tshobo. On average, the tests have shown that the extra power is between 6-8%.

There is also the additional possibility to us it as a carrier to attach a bottle holder or bag holder to the support. Another advantage, especially for e-bikes always a question that is solved with Tshobo.

Our products are all made of special developed materials and are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

The padding of the support elements (ball-roll shape) are 100% water and sweat repellent.

Our products and packaging (no plastic) are 100% recyclable.

Question Who is Tshobo suitable for?

TSHOBO offers many advantages for both the sporty biker and the everyday cyclist.

For the sporty rider who pays more attention to performance optimization - but also wants to achieve faster training results, through the possibility of more power (in the peak was measured in the sports center by the test riders more than 8% higher power on the pedals with very little arm and shoulder use). This saves the entire body. When starting you experience a completely different effect and due to the high power conversion you accelerate significantly faster.

For the everyday cyclist it is a new feeling of well-being when cycling. Whether you ride a city bike, trekking bike, mountain bike, cargo bike or an e-bike - you will feel a significant difference!

Question Where can I find the assembly instructions?

You can find the assembly instructions under the subitem Assembly instructions.