TSHOBO Performance

Performance is for the performance and weight optimized rider. For additional adjustment along the lumbar vertebrae, please use the Variator. The Variator helps you to adjust Tshobo to the ideal position on your back, depending on your body size. 


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Ergonomics and performance bike backrest for mounting directly under the saddle.
Suitable for any metal bicycle saddle*.


The weight-optimized basic system Performance is for the performance-oriented rider – with the adjustment options via the variator for the ideal positioning on the back.
Especially when riding uphill or accelerating, you are optimally aligned on the saddle and supported against slipping on the saddle. Your arms and hands are almost completely relieved.
The attachment is made by the clamping part directly under the round bars located on the saddle.
Tshobo allows you to focus all the power you normally use on your hand, arm and leg and redirects it directly to your legs.
Scientific and sports medicine studies have proven that at peak intensity you can put up to 15% more power on the pedals than without. On average, the tests have shown that the extra power is between 6-8%.

Our products are all made of special materials and are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

The padding of the support elements (ball-roll shape) is 100% water and sweat resistant.

Our products and packaging (no plastic) are 100% recyclable.

On Tshobo you can always attach a water bottle holder on the pre-mounted M5 screws.

* Not suitable for a carbon saddle / base.

TSHOBO Back Support

Weight-optimized base system Performance pre-assembled with the adjustment options via the enclosed variator.


1x back support Tshobo (without rocker), 2x rollers (Rollers) pad support elements, 2 x M5x10 hexagon socket screws black, 1x saddle clamp part, 1x saddle guide part (A/B), 2 mounting screws M6x16 black, 1x star grip screw black, 1x washer M6 black, 2x M3x25 hexagon socket screws black, 1x variator, 1x rotation axis, 1x M6x35 hexagon socket screw with nut black

Assembly tool

4 x allen key (2 / 2,5 / 4 / 5)+ 1 x open-end wrench M10


High quality special alloy – stainless!

Assembly instructions

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