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Expert testimonials

Mag. Stefan Arvay
Statement from Mag. Stefan Arvay (training - diagnostics - coaching - health)

As a sports scientist and performance diagnostician, I am always interested in ways to optimize performance. I was fascinated by Tshobo's approach of improving power transmission by adding another "fixed point" to the cyclist's biomechanical system. With the help of SRM's currently most accurate power measurement system, it is possible to precisely measure the power transmission to the pedal at every single crank turn (torque analysis). Extensive tests with and without Tshobo at different powers showed an improved power development, on average 8% higher maximum force on the pedal turned out surprisingly high. A very great development that is also beautifully finished.
Mag. Stefan Arvay, Arvay Sportconsulting

Customer reviews

Sebastian T.
Even for me as an extreme athlete and performance tester, the results of the test on the ergometer were outstanding. It is amazing to me that one can achieve such an increase in performance on the pedals by clever use of technology.
Sebastian T., (Athlete performing the performance tests - 32 years)
A great thing when it comes to relieve the shoulder and back area. In addition, the better power transmission to the pedals when starting uphill is incredibly noticeable. A good product.
Dr. Werner G., (sports physician Graz - 58 years)
I have been using the Tshobo for many months and I am thrilled. With age, the legs become weaker and weaker and the e-bike does not move by itself without pedal power. With the Tshobo I compensate for this optimally. It is also a very pleasant ride. I will not quit on using the Tshobo ever again.
Annemarie K., (Retired young woman - 79 years)
It's hard to believe, but with the Tshobo biking is even more fun and my stressed back is happy about it. Sitting in front of the PC for hours every day is just not the ideal condition to be fit.
Wolfgang S., (sports enthusiast e-biker - 52 years)
I ride 40km with 500 meters of altitude to school every day. The Tshobo is an incredibly good support as the power when riding uphill transfers much better to the pedals. Great development, a successful product!
Martin B., (Sporty pedagogue - 34 years)
Mountain riding was never so my thing, but with the Tshobo I have the feeling it goes a lot easier, for me a great support, because I still drive without a motor. Also looks good visually.
Dagmar P., (recreational athlete - 56 years)
Unfortunately I drive way too little, therefore I lack the desired fitness. The roads in our region always feel like they are going uphill. I find the Tshobo a good technical device that offers driving stability and gives me the feeling of more power on the pedals. For me as a technician, the optimal implementation of technology and kinematics on the bike!
Anton P., (Hobby cyclist - 45 years)